Delmarva Today: Writer's Edition #69

Apr 27, 2019

Credit Angela Byrd

This is the second program in Delmarva Today: Writer’s Edition series on truth.  Harold Wilson’s guests are Don Rush and Adam Wood.  Don Rush is Associate Program Director- Sr. Producer News and Public Affairs at Delmarva Public Radio, and Adam Wood is Chairman of the Department of English at Salisbury University, and chair of the Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure.

In the first session which aired February 22 focused on the nature of truth and the contention that we appear to be living in a post-truth era; a time in which lying is a norm of expression and all facts are considered suspect. Today’s discussion continues that theme and looks at how a society and its culture develop in a post-truth world. Another way of stating the question is: how does the denigration of truth affect society, and how should we respond in a post-truth world.