Delmarva Today: Writer's Edition #66

Jan 25, 2019

This summer, July 20, 2019 will mark the 50th anniversary of the day Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to land on the moon while Command Module Pilot Mike Collins orbited overhead.  Jack Clemons’ recent book Safely To Earth: The Men and Women Who Brought the Astronauts Home reminds us of the special character, commitment, and intelligence of the men and women who worked to achieve Kennedy’s ten year goal of putting a man on the moon, and bringing him and his two mates home safely. Jack Clemons is Harold Wilson’s guest on tomorrow’s Delmarva Today: Writer’s Edition. Clemons is a former lead engineer supporting NASA’s Apollo Program and also senior engineering software manager on the Space Shuttle Program. Jack was part of the mission control backroom team that supported the NASA flight controllers on both the return of the Apollo 11 crew from the first moon landing and the rescue of the Apollo 13 crew.