Delmarva Today: Writers Edition #48

Jun 30, 2017

Credit Angela Byrd

he June edition of Delmarva Today: Writer’s Edition features a discussion of dystopian literature as an imaginative reaction to repressive societies or the potential of authoritarian governments. It includes a discussion of The Handmaid’s Tale and how Republics devolve into autocratic states. My guests are Don Rush, News Director for Delmarva Public Radio, Dr. Adam Wood, Department Chair and Associate Professor of English at Salisbury University and Dr. T. Ross Leasure, Associate Professor of English at Salisbury University. This program is the last in a three part series on politics and literature. The first which aired in April focused on the ways literature has historically been used to impact politics including ancient Greek theatre through the muckrakers of the 1890s and beyond.   The second program aired in May and discussed “the other” or those enslaved or reduced to an inferior or subaltern state by authoritarian governments. We looked at how these “others” produced literature to define themselves and recapture the language of dignity and freedom. Links to both former programs are on the website