Delmarva Today 08-14-2020 Part Two

Aug 14, 2020

Wilson’s guest on Delmarva Today is Captain Scott Slater. Slater pilots a Boeing 777 on the global route for FedEx. He flies to most of the major cities of the world: Paris, Cologne, Frankfort, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, and Shanghai, to name a few.  Scott is a former fighter pilot and graduate of the Naval Academy. He was a Top Gun pilot and flew the FA-18 from aircraft carriers on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. In addition, Scott participated in an exchange program with the French patrolling the no-fly zone over Bosnia-Herzegovina. Based in Norfolk, in 2,000 he was selected Atlantic Fleet Pilot of the Year as well as Carrier Pilot of the Year. Scott talks about his experience as a Navy pilot in the FA-18 and how Coved-19 has changed the way he and other pilots are greeted in the various cities he visits as a Boeing 777 pilot. In addition, Slater discusses how he remains safe in this coronavirus infected world.