Delmarva Today 07-17-2020 Part Two

Jul 17, 2020

Credit Salisbury University website

As COVID-19 cases spike across the country— more than 58,000 a day now to a total of over three million and over 135,000 deaths as of July 14—Universities are scrambling to decide their strategy for opening this fall. Harvard University, for example, has announced that all course instruction will be delivered online, even for those students invited back to the campus. The Ivy League has announced the cancellation of all athletics and the University of California will offer most of its classes online. The University of Maryland has developed a hybrid system with some courses online and others in-person. Clearly, with the current spike in the pandemic, the nation’s entire university system is in flux today.

Wilson’s guest to discuss Salisbury University’s plans for the fall session is Professor Adam Wood. Dr. Wood is the outgoing President of the Faculty Senate at Salisbury University, former chair of the department of English, and past member of the Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure. Dr. Wood explains that even though these are very  uncertain times, decisions have to be made and plans put into place. He discusses plans in place for welcoming some students back to the campus for in-person instruction and methods to keep them safe along with the University’s  faculty and staff.