Delmarva Today 06-19-2020 Part Two

Jun 19, 2020

Karen Huston Karydes
Credit Publicity Photo

Wilson’s guest is Karen Huston Karydes. Karydes discusses her new book, complete but not yet published, about the life and work of three pioneer women writers of the 1940’s and 50’s: Shirley Jackson, Margaret Millar (the wife of Ross Macdonald), and Patricia Highsmith. The working  title of the book is When Witches Wrote Novels. All three of these women were prolific writers. Jackson wrote 6 novels and many short stories, Highsmith, 22 novels, and Millar wrote 27 novels. These women moved beyond the literature of the hard boiled, good versus evil of the male writers to a more nuanced genre where there are no immoral people, just immoral acts. It was called Domestic Noir where murder moved from the dark lonely streets of the city to the bedroom, living room, or other familiar insular places. Karydes argues that the work of these authors is experiencing somewhat of a comeback in today’s lockdown environment.