Delmarva Today 05-29-2020 Part Two

May 29, 2020

In honor of Memorial Day this week, Hal Wilson’s guest on Delmarva Today is Retired Navy Commander Dr. Charles Slater. Slater talks primarily about his work as a psychologist in the Navy Medical Corps. In this capacity he counseled Navy families, and worked on the reintegration of sailors into family and community life after long deployments. In addition, he did a tour as a professor of psychology at the Naval Academy.  Responding to the stress and isolation forced on us today by the pandemic, Slater talks about what he learned about isolation from the prisoner of war (POW) pilots who were held in the infamous “Hanoi Hilton” during the Vietnam War.  Slater also discusses the advice he is giving his own grandson who is being deployed to Afghanistan.

Slater is a wise and learned man who has a great deal of experience addressing issues of isolation, stress, and depression. It's a fitting discussion the difficult time of this global  pandemic.