Delmarva Today 05-15-2020 Part Two

May 15, 2020

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, almost all, if not all, educational institutions in the US have closed their campuses and moved to online learning. This includes Salisbury University. Online classes involve faculty using the computer to connect with students online while the students sit at their computers at home or other isolated locations and receive instruction and respond to it online or other ways. Most universities will decide in June or July at the latest if they will open for in-person classes in the fall. California State University, the largest four-year college system announced this week that they will cancel most in-person classes and continue to offer instruction online. It is anticipated that Salisbury University will make a decision this summer concerning the opening of the campus in the fall.

Credit Salisbury University website

What is online learning and what is its impact on the university system including student enrolment, university budgets, and the quality of education? Delmarva Today host Harold Wilson explores these issues with Professor Adam Wood, Chairman of the Department of English at Salisbury University, and Chair of the Committee on Academic Freedom, and Tenure.