Delmarva Today 04-30-2021

Apr 30, 2021

This is the third in Delmarva Today’s discussion on the role of The Humanities in our culture. Wilson’s guests are Adam Wood, Maarten Pereboom, and Don Rush. Adam Wood is a professor in the English Department at Salisbury University. Maarten Pereboom is dean of the Fulton School of Liberal Arts and Professor of History. The area of twentieth-century international relations is one of his specialties. Don Rush is Associate Program director- Sr. Producer News and Public Affairs at Delmarva Public Media. . The first program defined The Humanities, their history, and the role they have played in the formation of our society. The second reviewed the splintering of the culture with the broad expression in the 1960s of new cultural identities fed by race, feminism, human rights and justice. In academic circles, the western bias of the Humanities was challenged and both students and the general public were exposed to a broad range of insistent voices. In today’s program, Wilson and his guests discuss the current culture wars resulting from the splintering of the center that held the old culture together. What is the new center that is forming or what is the new order that is emerging from the struggle between the coalescing of a culture of diversity born and refined out of the struggle of the 1960s, and a culture fighting to preserve the status of white authority?