Delmarva Radio Theatre #8-Habits Of Devotion

Apr 27, 2019

Sunday April 28th at 8PM

“Habits of Devotion;” is a radio play adapted from Harold Wilson’s short story of the same name. The drama is about sin and forgiveness. Two very religious boys driving a long-haul beer delivery truck for H&F Distributing, Inc. in 1957 pick up a young girl at her uncle’s house in Charleston, South Carolina. They are to deliver her to her Aunt in Charlotte on their beer rout. But the uncle isn’t really her uncle and she announces she isn’t going to her Aunt in North Carolina. What she reveals to the two boys is startling and challenging to the faith of both boys, and perhaps to yours well.  

The program begins with a short interview with two of the main characters in the play. They are Mike Murphy, who plays the narrator, and Judy Hearn who takes the part of the young girl, Elmira Foley. Mike and Judy are exceptional actors and both have appeared in a number of Delmarva Radio Theatre productions. They are also members of The Community Players of Salisbury.