Delmarva Radio Theatre #7- Cantabile

Dec 14, 2018

Sunday December 16th at 8PM on WSCL, 89.5 FM

A photo of a Bösendorfer grand piano and a photo of an upright piano.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

This edition of Delmarva Radio Theatre features the drama “Cantabile,” a story told by the main character Anne Molloy. Anne is a pianist “of a certain age,” who, retired from concert performances, conducts two-week workshops at her big  house, “Cantabile,” eight times each year for adult amateur piano students.  The focus of Anne’s story is her relationship with a brilliant young pianist, Philip, who, even though he is young, she allows into one of her workshops. Philip is different and Anne senses he doesn’t quite fit in with the older group. But he is a wonderful pianist and Anne is taken with him. Philip doesn’t continue his studies, however; he joins the Marines. When he does return to “Cantabile” Anne notices that his right leg is a prosthesis.

The play is adapted from the short story “Cantabile” written by John McKeon and published in volume 11 of the Delmarva Review. It was nominated for a Pushcart award.

The characters in “Cantabile” are played by, Anne Colwell as story-teller Anne Molloy, and Mike Murphy as Philip. Anne Colwell is a poet and professor of English at the University of Delaware and Mike Murphy is an emergency services medical doctor in Salisbury, Maryland and a member of the Community Players of Salisbury.