Delmarva Radio Theatre #10 It’s Always the Blood

Aug 30, 2020

Delmarva Radio Theatre is pleased to present “It’s Always the Blood,” a drama by Harold O. Wilson adapted from his novel A Taste of Salt

In august 1619, a virus came to the shores of North America. It came on a Portuguese pirate ship that dropped anchor off Jamestown, VA and offloaded 20 to 30 captured Africans who were then sold to the colonists. The virus was slavery; the buying and selling of human beings for the purpose of labor. The disease it spawned is sometimes dormant, often active, but always latent. We know it today as racism. This play is a fictional story of one of the 388,000 slaves brought to this country.

The play begins in a dank prison cell, under a municipal building, in New Orleans. The year is 1817. Angel Dupree is being held in the prison. She is visited by a former acquaintance, Dorgan Price. He has a message for her…The story then advances to the year 1894 where Rachel Braxton, Angel Dupree’s elderly daughter is telling her own daughter her story of being taken as a child from her mother and raised as his own by Dorgan Price.  

        The Community Players of Salisbury’s Michael Murphy is featured as Dorgan Price and Judy Hearn as Angel Dupree and also as Rachael Braxton. Other actors from the Community Players include Ken Johnson as the Narrator, and Pete Evans as the Price College President. Also featured are Daniel Foster as Roger, Lee Slater as the woman’s voice in the  prison, and Jack Slater as the Turnkey. 

The play is followed by a short interview with actors Judy Hearn and Daniel Foster.