Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden: Clean Bill of Health

Nov 21, 2013

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden
Credit official photo

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden has skipped public events since late summer but told the Wilmington News Journal that his doctors have given him a clean bill of health.

He said that his health has not limited his ability to work full time.

He talked with the paper by ;hone this week from the Modern Maturity Center in Dover when he went to visit a workshop for homeowners facing foreclosure organized by the Justice Department.

These were the first public comments on his health since seeking treatment for a medical condition at a prominent Houston, Texas cancer hospital in August.

Questions were raised in the recent book “Double Down” about the 2012 election in which the authors wrote that what was described as a minor stroke was in fact – in the words of the book “life-threaten” and raised questions about how full his recovery would be.

The authors write that Biden “suffered partial paralysis for months.”