Day Without Immigrants Comes to Delmarva

Feb 17, 2017

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The Day Without Immigrants protest found 27 percent of students in the Indian River School District were absent yesterday.

In addition, WBOC reports that the North Georgetown Elementary school where over 60 percent of the students are Hispanic 47 percent were absent.

In addition, Georgetown saw two of his Hispanic restaurants were closed for the day.

Meanwhile, in Salisbury the manager to Plaza Tapatia… decided not report to work in solidarity with the protest even though his restaurant stayed open for business.         

Finally, the television station reports that Perdue Farms said there were more absences than usual on their Eastern Shore facilities but added that their plants were operating as usual.

The nationwide protest comes in the face of the Trump administration’s temporary travel ban from seven Muslim majority countries and the recent deportations being carried out of federal immigration authorities.


RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - At least a dozen businesses are closed in the Richmond area as part of the nationwide "A Day Without Immigrants" protest.

Martin Gonzalez is the owner of La Milpa, a restaurant and grocer in Chesterfield County, which is one of several area businesses closed Thursday. He tells The Richmond Times-Dispatch  that immigrants are showing they "actually contribute to the economy."

In Henrico County, El Ray Latino Market put a sign on its door in Spanish. The sign read: "Closed Feb 16; Reason: Standing up for Hispanics."

Bill Paulette, chairman and CEO of a construction company KBS Inc., says a number of his employees didn't show up for work on Thursday.