College of William and Mary Erects Memorial to Slaves

Apr 30, 2019

Illustration of Heath as Memorial to Slaves
Credit College William and Mary

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (AP) - The College of William & Mary plans to erect a memorial to people who were enslaved at the centuries-old school in Virginia.

The Washington Post reports that the memorial is designed to evoke a hearth and serve as a meeting place to reflect on the past.

The design was announced Friday and is the latest endeavor by the university in Williamsburg to research and publicize the role slavery had played there.

School officials launched an international design contest last year for the memorial and received more than 80 entries.

The winning entry is called "Hearth." It was designed by 2011 William & Mary graduate William Sendor. He now works at an architecture firm in North Carolina. He said he was struck by the role of fire in the enslaved community.