Cold Case Playing Cards in Delaware Prisons Questioned

Dec 4, 2018


DOVER, Del. (AP) - The panel advising Delaware's corrections department has raised concerns about playing cards featuring cold cases that have been distributed at state prisons.

The Delaware State News reports Council on Correction chair Darryl Chambers outlined feedback from the public at a Nov. 28 meeting and expressed frustration at the council's exclusion from the decision to introduce the cards.

Chambers said advocates were worried that inmates may be traumatized or triggered by seeing the faces of victims they know. He also said the cards could cause inmate-on-inmate violence and lead to false tips.

Department of Correction Deputy Commissioner Alan Grinstead said medical staffers have been made aware of potential adverse effects but none have been reported.

Department spokeswoman Jayme Gravell says two of the 46 tips received since September have been "actionable."