Charges Dropped After Sit-In at Johns Hopkins University

May 9, 2019

Baltimore State's Attorney Marylin Mosby

BALTIMORE (AP) - Baltimore's top prosecutor says her office will not prosecute the seven people arrested by Baltimore police as they ended a monthlong sit-in at Johns Hopkins University.

Marilyn Mosby is the state's attorney in Baltimore. She says "all charges brought against the students will be abated by arrest."

The Baltimore Police Department says its officers arrested five people on Hopkins' main campus for trespassing and two others for impeding vehicle traffic early Wednesday. Protesters say four of the arrested people are students at the university and three are not.

The university says Baltimore's police and fire departments "provided assistance" to reopen the school's primary administrative building shortly before 5 a.m. Thursday. Protesters had chained doors shut to an administrative building earlier this month. The protesters object to the creation of a campus police force, among other grievances.

University President Ronald J. Daniels and Provost Sunil Kumar said in a Tuesday letter that the protest constituted criminal trespassing and any student who didn't leave peacefully could be suspended or expelled.