Beefing Up Sustainable Energy Effort in Delaware

Aug 29, 2012

DOVER, Del. (AP) - Delaware's renewable energy task force is recommending that the state's Sustainable Energy Utility be involved in an upcoming procurement process for solar renewable energy credits.

The task force voted Wednesday to recommend the SEU's involvement in the 2013-2014 procurement process, despite concerns about ongoing annual administrative costs of about $200,000 for the SEU and its contractor under a 2012 pilot program.

The Public Service Commission will consider the task force's recommendations as its examines the SREC plan, under which Delmarva Power would purchase solar energy credits to meets it obligations under the state's renewable energy standards.

The SEU, which is charged with helping promote energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies in Delaware, came under scrutiny earlier this year amid questions about its finances and the transparency of its work.