Bay Bridge Traffic Jam Gets Sharp Look at MD Board of Public Works

Oct 3, 2019

Board of Public Works Meeting with State Treasurer Nancy Kopp, Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford, and Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot
Credit Board of Public Works

Last Friday’s backup on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge caused by deck work on the west bound span drew the skeptical eyes of the Maryland Board of Public Works.

It was the kick off of a $27 million construction project that could take two years to complete.

With travelers stuck in traffic that reached back 12 miles on Route 50 toll fees were suspended to ease the flow of traffic.

But Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot grilled Maryland Transportation Secretary Pete Rahn as to the lack of planning as a result of the deck work.

He told the state official, “There should have been a lot more advance planning, somebody dropped the ball. I hope you can keep us informed on how you’re going to fix it.”

Rahn replied, “I admit that clearly what happened was not anticipated and we did not have a response in advance.”

The project is to replace bridge decking, existing land-use gantries and steel posts among other repairs.

In addition, the entire west bound span is expected to be closed overnight from time to time.