Allegation of Brutality Against Wicomico County Sheriff's Department

Jan 8, 2015

Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis
Credit official photo

A 40-year old man is he suffered severe injuries including a fractured vertebrae, a broken hand and a black eye as the result of an encounter with Wicomico County sheriffs.

40-year old Miguel Santos told WMDT that a deputy jumped on his back then threw him onto the ground.

He told the television station that the officer grabbed his head from behind and hit it three times into the concrete.

The incident occurred on January third as a part of a DUI arrest on South Salisbury Boulevard.

Santos admits that he was driving after drinking that night.

But he disputes the assault charges against him.

When contacted by WMDT Sheriff Mike Lewes stood behind his deputy saying his officer had been restrained.

Lewis added that Santos would have “a lot more banged up if it were me.”

He added that if lethal force had been used it would have been completely justified.

Santos was described by officers as violent at the scene.