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Assoc. Director- Program and Operations Services

Chris Ranck is Delmarva Public Radio's Executive Producer,  Program Director  and  Automation Engineer.

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Looking for a fun summer getaway? How about spending four nights via the magic of radio in Salzburg, Austria, the city of Mozart's birth!  Join us at 6PM the week of August 6-10th for The Mozart Festival from APM.  You'll hear performances of Mozart's works as well as backstage interviews with the performers. You can hear the program Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Delmarva will air Wednesday evening as scheduled.

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This week, we sit down with Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis to discuss gun safety.

You have friends, and your friends have kids. What happens when your kids and your friend's kids aren't friendly? Why is it so hard to make friends after you have kids, anyway? Plus, a cautionary tale involving  a permanent marker in our "mom of the month" stories. 

The ongoing controversy between the Mayor of Salisbury and the Salisbury City Council and the ramifications of the shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

Guests- Terry Cohen, Salisbury City Council President

Michael Finegan, Executive Director of Peninsula Mental Health Services in Salisbury.  

This week, we focus on adoption with Morgan Burris, Miss Delaware's Outstanding Teen. Then, Pam Green tells about her own experience adopting children.

We look at the impact the recent heatwave is having on Delmarva farmers. We also take a look at the latest assessment of the restoration efforts in the Chesapeake Bay.


John Ade...Vice President of domestic grain production for Perdue AgriBusiness

Ted Wycall... with Greenbranch Organic Farm

Mike Tidwell...director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network

How can we teach our kids about the value of a dollar? Jayme Weeg, President of Junior Achievement of the Eastern Shore, drops by with tips and tricks to help our kids learn good money management skills.

This week, we chat with Melissa Esham, Corresponding Secretary for the Autistic Children's Support Group of Worcester County, MD.  She shares her experiences living with an autistic child and the resources available for other parents with autistic children.

Proposals to expand gambling in Maryland and plans for downtown Salisbury


Jim Mathias- Maryland State Senate, District 38

Jim Ireton, Mayor of Salisbury, MD

Join us Tuesday night at 6PM on WSCL, 89.5 FM, for a special presentation; "From Broadside to Anthem: Music of the War of 1812."

Dr. David Hildebrand of the Colonial Music Institute traces the history of our National Anthem.



This week, we react to that horrible video of a 68 year old bus monitor who was bullied in upstate New York.  Would we discipline a stranger's kid? Would we want  a stranger disciplining our kids?  

Discussing the Affordable Care Act and the Supreme Court Decision


Mike Pretl, with Heath Care for All

Dr. Mark Edney, a urologist and member of the American Urological Association's Health Policy Committee


Dr. Charles Stegman, with Physicians for a National Health Program

and Michael O'Loughlin, a political science professor at Salisbury University




New Shows on WSDL

Jun 28, 2012

Starting this weekend, WSDL  90.7FM is adding some new programming to our lineup.

Saturday at 3PM- Americas Test Kitchen Radio

Sunday at 2PM- The TED Radio Hour

Sunday at 9PM- The Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour

Sunday at 10PM- Celtic Connections

Monday at 9AM- World Link from Deutsche Welle

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The Junebugs have landed in Ocean City, MD...we talk to Jessica Waters, Public Affairs Specialist with the Ocean City Police Department about what "really goes on" during Senior Week down on the beach.  We also talk about keeping our teenagers safe and discuss the importance of crosswalk safety in O.C. 


Our Political round up.


Because I Said So #17

Jun 18, 2012

Our Father's Day Show!

Join us on this Fathers' Day, June 17th for some special programming celebrating dear old Dad.


At Noon- Harmonia will explore early music by drawing inspiration from popular gifts ideas for good ‘ol Dad.

Then, join us at 1PM for a special program,  Songs My Father Taught Me, an intimate, musical memoir by the internationally celebrated cellist, Lynn Harrell.

Fir0002/Flagstaffotos /

Local Delmarva Wineries


Mike Baird, with Taylor Landing Vineyard

William Layton and Jennifer Hoffman, with Layton's Chance Vineyard and Winery

and Doug Griffith, with Xtreme Brewing 

Bathing suit shopping season is here...  How can we promote a healthy body image in a photo shopped world?

Plus, we share some more "mom of the month" stories. 

Did you see that recent Time magazine with a breastfeeding mom on the cover? We did, and it got us thinking and talking about breastfeeding in public and our own breastfeeding experiences.  We end the show with some new parenting apps that may make your life a little bit easier.

Sunscreen, bug spray, tick bites, jellyfish stings...we sit down with Nurse Practitioner Joyce Blevins about keeping our kids safe this summer.

How will rising sea levels change life on Delmarva and what can be done about it? 


John Mateyko, Chair of the American Institute of Architects in Delaware

Dave Wilson, Executive Director of the Maryland Coastal Bays Program

Don Ford, Chief of the Deal/Chance Fire Department

Asbury United Methodist Church is once again pleased to be able to host the WSCL/WSDL Celebration Concert; one of the finest concerts on The Shore. Early seating is advised for this concert, that will feature some of the most inspirational Classical Musicians from the region. Saturday evening, June 2, 2012, at 7:30 PM, in the nave of Asbury United Methodist Church.  


This concert is sponsored by the Peter and Judy Jackson Music Performance Fund. 


Today we meet fencer, artist and caterer Angela Herbert-Hodges, who came to Delmarva from Northern England. 

This week, we sat down with DFC Jennifer Hall  of the Wicomico County Sheriff's School Resource Division for a very important and informative discussion about drugs and children.


Don Rush speaks one on one with Ajmel Queseshi, Adjunct Professor at Howard University Law School.


2 Day Summer Drive

May 14, 2012

As the end of the fiscal year draws near, join us June 14th & 15th for a special, 2 day only, Summer Drive from 6am-6pm on Delmarva Public Radio!

Stay tuned!

Happy Mother's Day! We begin this week by congratulating the winner of our "Mother of the Month" contest.  Enjoy that Massage from Essential Life Therapeutic Massage! Next, Jackie's aunt, Kim's sister and Cathy's mom share their own "mother of the month" stories. Plus, we try to answer the question, "what does mom really want for Mother's Day?" 



Join us this Mother's Day, May13th at 3PM for a special program from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, "Honoring Mothers".



Join us this Saturday, May 12 at 4PM,  for America's Music Festivals.