Salisbury, MD – Don Rush speaks with Dr. John Bartkovich, Chairman of the Wicomico County Republican Central Committee and Michael O'Loughlin on this 5th anniversary of the Iraq War.

Salisbury, MD – Don Rush speaks with Vince DeMarco, president of Maryland Citizens' Health Initiative about a proposal to expand health care coverage in MD.

Salisbury, MD – Public Radio Delmarva's Essayist Dick Rosse reflects on the similarities between the Obama campaign and that of John F. Kennedy in 1960

Salisbury – Essayist Dick Rosse reflects upon the Cold War and pianist Van Cliburn.

Salisbury, MD – Senator Tom Carper (D-DE)says he favors a combined democratic presidential ticket of Senators Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama.

Salisbury, MD – These days people are overwhelmed by IPODS, cell phones and a hundred cable channels. However, during the great depression radio stood alone as a way for people to travel the imaginary world of sound and voices from afar. Public Radio Delmarva's Dick Rosse reflects efforts to keep some of those programs and that era alive in the modern era. (February 14)

Salisbury, MD – The fight for Maryland's first congressional district is coming down to the wire, with a heated contest on the republican side against incumbent Republican Wayne Gilchrest, while Democrats wait in anticipation of taking back the district. (February 7)

Delaware – Homeland security these days generally means metal detectors and color coded alerts. But, as Public Radio Delmarva's Dick Rosse writes, another kind of homeland security dots the Delaware coastline, reminding us of another dangerous era. (January 30)

Salisbury, MD – Incumbent Congressman Wayne Gilchrest is facing his strongest challenge for Maryland's First District from within his own party. And, Democrats believe they might have a shot at taking back the Republican seat. Public Radio Delmarva's Don Rush talked with Gilchrest about the issues and the campaign. (January 25)

Salisbury MD – NPR Senior correspondent Juan Williams authored "Eyes on the Prize", a look at the civil rights movement from 1954 to 1965. During an appearance on the Salisbury University Campus, he reflected on the movement's legacy and challenges ahead in an interview with Public Radio Delmarva. (Sept 19)