Salisbury, MD – In Ocean View, Delaware, as Norm Justice approaches 90 years old, his passion for refinishing old trunks has brought new enthusiasm for an old art form.

Salisbury, MD – Delegate Adelaide Eckardt(R-MD)says despite balancing Maryland's state budget, without another stimulus package or strong economic growth, her colleagues in Annapolis could be facing another financial crunch.

Salisbury. MD – Salisbury Mayor Jim Ireton takes the helm, pledging to build consensus and heal the wounds of the city. However, he faces a deeply divided City Council, as the First Council District race goes into a recount with a one vote difference in the tally.

Salisbury, MD – Captain Bob Craig died at the age of 90 last month. He was a life long life guard in Ocean City and had a passion for big band music. A memorial service will be held on April 25 in Ocean City to commemorate his passing. This piece is a reprise of a profile done earier this year by Public Radio Delmarva of the man and his passion.

Salisbury, MD – A tumble at the skating rinking, served to remind Public Radio Delmarva's Essayist Diane Saienne Albanese of why she teaches.

Salisbury, Maryland – Maryland Senator Ben Cardin visited the campus of Salisbury University recently for a town hall meeting organized by small businesses. Sen. Cardin spoke with Don Rush about the economic outlook and President Obama's performance thus far.

Salisbury, MD – Former City Councilman Jim Ireton swept to victory last night to become the next Mayor of Salisbury.

He beat City Council Vice President Gary Comegys by 58% to 41%.

In council races, incumbent Debbie Campbell won handily with 68% of the vote over newcomer Muir Boda.

Meanwhile incumbent Shanie Shields is leading challenger Cynthia Polk by just 3 votes.

That race could be determined by absentee ballots later this week.

Salisbury, MD – After more than a decade, the voters of Salisbury will choose the successor to Mayor Barrie Tilghman Tuesday, in a heated campaign that could dramatically change the course of city's future.

Salisbury, MD – Salisbury University's annual Children's LIterature Festival begin on April 15th. One of the featured guests this year is Holly Black, author of "The Spiderwick Chronicles". She speaks with PRD's Chris Ranck about faeries, her books, and her upcoming visit. Her visit is sponsored by the Eastern Shore Regional Library and Salisbury University.

Salisbury, MD – With Americans growing anxious about the economic recession, Public Radio Delmarva's Essayist Diane Saienne Albanese has some advice for Americans: Take Some Advice from the Italians.

Salisbury, MD – With the recession deepening, Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot says the benefits of the federal stimulus package to Maryland could be "wiped out".

Salisbury, MD – Billy Wilder is one of the giants of American Films. And, it was an interview with Wilder that leads Public Radio Delmarva Essayist Dick Rosse to the man and the films he made.

Salisbury, MD – Former Salisbury City Councilman Jim Ireton won %40 of the vote yesterday to gain a spot in the City of Salisbury's general election. Gary Comegys came in second with Bod Caldwell a close third. With 200 absentee ballots to be counted Thursday, the outcome is still open.

Salisbury, MD – After voting against the original House version, Eastern Shore Congressman Frank Kratovil (D-MD) backed the final compromise version of the economic stimulus package. During a meeting with local officials in Salisbury, he said it still could have been improved, but felt the bill was the best that could be achieved.

Salisbury, MD – Ever since the Revolutionary war, Latinos have served in the US military. A group of Hispanic Guardsmen in Delaware look back at the progress that has been made over the years.

Salisbury, MD – A top regional environmentalist says there's no substitute for reining in growth on the Delmarva Peninsula to save the Chesapeake Bay and the environment. During an appearance on campus of Salisbury University, Tom Horton says it is time to down-zone land at the county level.

Salisbury, MD – The Big Band era may be over. However, Bob Craig, a legend in his hometown of Ocean City, is determined to boost public interest in the music -- even if he is over 90 years old.

Washington – With the images of the Barak Obama's inauguration still in mind, Marylanders reflect on the significance of the first African American to become President.

Salisbury, MD – With the nation swearing in the first African American as President of the United States, the torch -- in the words of President John F. Kennedy -- is being passed to a new generation. But even as optimism fills the air, the glow can quickly fade as the new President gets down to work.

Salisbury, MD – With the inauguration of the first African American President, many of those in the black community ponder it's meaning, as the nation marks the birthday of Martin Luther King Junior.

Annapolis – Governor Martin O'Malley is reportedly considering laying off hundreds of state employees, as Maryland faces a $1.9 billion budget deficit in the next fiscal year. The Governor hinted at the layoffs during an appearance on the Mark Steiner Show with top leaders in the General Assembly.

Salisbury, MD – As shoppers hustle about the Department stores looking for last minute gifts, there are those who are forgotten in the festive mood that surrounds this time of year. They are the homeless with their daily struggles just to survive.

Salisbury, MD – During the Vietnam war the Wilmington Morning News published letters from soldiers serving in Southeast Asia. Now, those letters appear in a new book, "Vietnam Mail Bag: Voices From the War 1968 to 1972" by Nancy Lynch. Twelve of those soldiers recently talked with Lynch about their experiences.

Salisbury, MD – With retails sales in a slump for the fifth straight month, many shoppers are looking for deals on which to spend their hard earned cash. At the Centre at Salisbury, many say, they are using all kinds of strategies to pick up the best buys.

Salisbury – With the growing Hispanic population in Delaware, local and state police are trying to get Latinos who are undocumented to report when they have been victims of crime.

Salisbury, MD – Libraries and schools looking for artists to bring to their facilities may find some help at the first Regional Arts Showcase on the Eastern Shore December 11.

Salisbury, MD – With the opening of the film "Twilight", Public Radio Delmarva reprises interview with actress Illyana Kadushin, who read the book for it's audio version.

Salisbury, MD – With billions of dollars spent on the war in Iraq, Americans have not been asked to sacrifice financially. Not so for the Second World war, when Americans were asked to buy war bonds. And, writes Public Radio Delmarva's Dick Rosse, buy they did.

Salisbury, MD – Arun Gandhi, a visiting scholar at Salisbury University, assesses the impact of an Obama presidency on U.S. international relations.

Salisbury, MD – With Congress poised to look at a $25 billion for the auto industry, Senator Tom Carper (D-DE) says he is optimistic for the prospects of Delaware holding on to it's GM plant.