Denver, CO – A look at the issues that might come up in the Democratic Convention.

Denver, CO – With Joe Biden the VP pick, Delaware's small but vocal delegation find themselves in the spotlight.

Denver, CO – Don Rush speaks with members of the Maryland and Delaware delegations, including Salisbury Mayor Barrie Tilghman and Gov. Martin O'Malley, in anticipation of Sen. Hillary Clinton's Tuesday evening speech.

Denver, CO – Don Rush interviews anti-war activists at the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver.

Salisbury, MD – Joe Eschbach, husband of Salisbury University President Janet Dudley-Eshbach, is also Joe Biden's 1st Cousin.

Salisbury, MD – With the presidential election looking like a close race, Democrats and Republicans are expected to be mindful of third party candidates that could spoil their chances. Public Radio Delmarva's Dick Rosse takes a look back at the some key third party candidacies.

Salisbury – Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley and State Comptroller Peter Franchot have found themselves fighting over issues ranging from Board Of Public Works meetings to this November's slots ballot.

Salisbury, MD – President Bush's criticism of China's human rights record on the eve of the Olympics in Beijing is just part of a rich history of politics mixing with the games. Public Radio Delmarva's essayist Dick Rosse reflects on Olympics past.

Salisbury, MD – Essayist Dick Rosse looks back on the career of Maryland's Spiro Agnew.

Salisbury, MD – Baltimore native Billy Pappas talks to PRD about his portrait of Marilyn Monroe and the eight years he took to complete it.

Salisbury – The week of July 21, Maryland celebrates local agriculture with it's Buy Locally campaign. In this portrait of an organic farmer, Ted Wycall talks about his farm and the organic farming movement.

Salisbury. MD – This year marks the 60th anniversary since US Aircraft took to the skies over Europe to supply the beleaguered city of Berlin in the face of a Soviet blockade.

Salisbury, MD – With the onset of summer, Farmers Markets in Delmarva are doing a booming business -- especially in Bethany Beach.

Salisbury. MD – With the rise in food prices, the Maryland Food Bank is seeing more people coming to their doors for help.

Berlin, MD – With $4 a gallon gas, national public opinion polls find American sentiment is shifting toward favoring off shore drilling. However, the Governor of Maryland and Eastern Shore political leaders express strong concerns about the prospect.

Salisbury, MD – The true story of a young African American student struggling in a Washington DC school is the first book to be read in the One Maryland/One Book program series at the state's libraries.

Salisbury, MD – The cell phone seems to be everywhere, taking up time and social space. But Public Radio Delmarva's Penny Hartman contemplates how they have changed our lives during their short history.

Salisbury, MD – Despite the sharp rise in gas prices, the Farmer's Markets in the Delaware coastal cities seem to be booming. (June 11)

Salisbury, MD – With battles raging over tax increases and development, a deep schism has developed on the Salisbury City Council. (June 9)

Salisbury, MD – The Eastern Shore Chamber Music Festival comes to the Eastern Shore for the annual celebration.

Salisbury, MD – On the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy in the wake of his victory in the California presidential primary, the most dramatic moments produced an enduring piece of radio sound comparable to that of the Hindenburgh broadcast.

Salisbury, MD – With a gallon of gas hitting the $4 mark, Delmarvans struggle to make ends meet. (May 30)

Salisbury, MD – Celebrating birds on Delmarva is something of a tradition with the decoy being turned into an art form. The Ward Museum is marking that tradition with the Birds In Art exhibition on loan from the the Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, WI. Former Salisbury University professor Kent Kimmel who has been involved with the exhibit talks about some of the works and significance of the display with Public Radio Delmarva's Don Rush. The exhibit runs through June 1. (May 22)

Salisbury, MD – Twenty-two year old musician Dana Limpert of Delaware talked with Public Radio Delmarva about her experience in China in the aftermath of an earthquake that has left thousands dead. (May 21)

Salisbury Maryland – The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that over 2 million children in the United States have attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome. In a classroom of 25 children, at least one or two of those children will have ADHD.

Salisbury, MD – Life returns to normal just as tourists begin flocking to region after a May 12th surprise nor-easter hit Delmarva.

Salisbury, MD – While Democrats may think their party is deeply divided in this presidential election year, Public Radio Delmarva's Dick Rosse says they should look back to the great electoral tumult of 1968.

Salisbury, MD – African American Community reacts to controversey surrounding the former pastor of Democratic presidential candidate Barak Obama. (Part 3)

Salisbury, MD – African American Community reacts to controversey surrounding the former pastor of Democratic presidential candidate Barak Obama. (Part 2)

Salisbury, MD – On the Eastern Shore of Maryland, some in the African American Community are stunned and suspicious of controversy surrounding the former pastor of Democratic presidential candidate Barak Obama.