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In the first half, a recap of the first week of the impeachment hearings.  In the second half, the The Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art is celebrating the 50th annual Ward World Championship Wildfowl Carving Competition and Art Festival


The Route 50 Bridge into Ocean City will temporarily close the two east bound lanes for needed repairs resulting from its age.

The Maryland State Highway Administration says that it will also shift the west bound lane patterns so that traffic can move in both directions.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports the work that began this week on the east bound lanes will continue until March.

While being done the drawbridge will not open for boaters with additional possible restrictions by the U.S. Coast Guard to the channel.  


DOVER, Del. (AP/DPR) — Gov. John Carney is proposing tens of millions of dollars in capital investments to strengthen Delaware's economic infrastructure.

In his State of the State address Thursday, Carney called for investing $50 million in economic development initiatives.

This would include new programs to build lab space to help emerging companies grow, and to make commercial sites quickly available for prospective employers.

In addition, Carney push additional restrictions on guns noting the passage of the Beau Biden Violence initiative and the Red Flag laws.

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Top local officials from Maryland counties have come together to support a measure to steer significantly more money to school construction in Maryland.

The measure known as the “Built to Learn Act” had a hearing Thursday in the House Appropriations Committee. Under the plan, $2.2 billion in additional funding would go to school construction over several years.

It would be financed by bonds through the Maryland Stadium Authority, and the debt would be paid by $125 million annually from casino revenue that goes to the state for education.

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Congressman Andy Harris has announced a half million dollar federal grant to protect coastal communities, watershed and the Chesapeake Bay.

The money will be used by the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences in Cambridge.

The National Science Foundation which is providing the funds says it is aimed at problems like sea level rise and the impact of storms faced by urban and rural communities along the bays and estuary.

In addition, the research will look for ways to protect marshes, oyster reefs and sand dunes.

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) --  The Virginia Senate unanimously passed a bill Tuesday requiring public schools to include free menstrual products in their bathrooms.

Senate Bill 232 applies to schools that educate fifth-to-12th graders.

According to the Virginia Department of Education, this encompasses 132 school districts and almost over 630,000 female students.  hygiene

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ANNAPOLIS, MD. (AP) --  Maryland lawmakers hope to repeal “archaic” provisions in the state’s spousal defense for sex crimes and sodomy laws with the reintroduction of legislation this session.

Lawmakers on Jan. 30 expect to hear Senate bill 230, which would repeal the use of marriage as a defense to prosecution of some sex crimes.

Earlier this week, lawmakers introduced House bill 81, which would repeal the crimes of sodomy and unnatural or perverted sexual practice. 

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COLLEGE PARK, Md. (AP) — The University of Maryland has announced that federal legislation passed last year has caused it to end a Chinese government-approved program that, if continued, could've jeopardized access to important funding.

President Wallace Loh wrote in a letter that the university will be terminating its Confucius Institute program at the end of the academic year.

The Baltimore Sun reports the program teaches the Chinese language through an agreement with the country's government and provides teachers to local schools.

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COLUMBUS, Ohio. (AP) -- An Ohio man is receiving $5,000 in a judgment against former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke as part of a lawsuit the man filed against white supremacists and neo-Nazi protesters.

Bill Burke, of Athens, Ohio, says he suffered severe injuries during a 2017 rally in Virginia two years ago.

Burke says he was struck by a car driven by James Alex Fields Jr., in a crash that killed a counterprotester during the rally.

Duke's lawyer says Duke denies allegations that he promotes violence.

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It’s a small home.

And, you could easily miss it on Old Ocean City oad.

But it is the historic Perdue Family Farmhouse.

Now it will be open for public tours as part of the company’s celebration of its 100th anniversary.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the structure was built in 1917 by the company’s founder Arthur W. Perdue.

In 1920 Perdue and his wife Pearl started what has become a worldwide poultry company.

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CHINCOTEAGUE, Va. (AP) -- The managers of a Virginia island's herd of wild horses say a vaccination program to protect the ponies from a swamp disease that killed seven horses in 2018 is showing encouraging results.

The Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company says it will continue giving the ponies yearly boosters to prevent Pythiosis, also called “swamp cancer."

The disease comes from a fungus-like organism that causes painful lesions.

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) -- A measure to steer significantly more money to school construction in Maryland is scheduled for a hearing in Annapolis.

The measure known as the “Built to Learn Act” is set for a hearing Thursday in the House Appropriations Committee.

Under the plan, $2.2 billion in additional funding would go to school construction over several years.

It would be financed by bonds through the Maryland Stadium Authority, and the debt would be paid by $125 million annually from casino revenue that goes to the state for education.

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The city of Crisfield is working on improving its infrastructure.

City Manager Rick Pollitt told WBOC that the town has an aging problem but notes that it is not a wealthy municipality.

Pollitt said the town has received $4 million in state and federal grants and loans.

He told the television station that among the projects is its water system including two major pump stations.

Pollitt also said that another grant will help to develop a plan to deal with flooding.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) — A proposal by Democratic lawmakers in Delaware to outlaw homemade "ghost guns" that can't be traced by police has cleared its first legislative hurdle.

A Democrat-led committee voted Wednesday to send the bill to the House, although its sponsor said she plans to amend the legislation after meeting with representatives of the National Rifle Association.

The bill makes it a felony to possess or manufacture an "untraceable" or "undetectable" firearm.

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GREENBELT, Md. (AP) — A federal judge in Maryland has ruled that a former Canadian Armed Forces reservist who's linked to a violent white supremacist group will remain in custody.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Timothy Sullivan said Wednesday that Patrik Mathews is a “very dangerous person” who “espouses very dangerous beliefs.”

Sullivan ordered Mathews detained pending a Jan. 30 preliminary hearing.

Mathews and two other men were arrested Thursday on federal felony charges in Maryland and Delaware.

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The Virginia Senate has approved legislation that would allow authorities to take guns away from people deemed dangerous to themselves or others.

The Democratic-led Senate voted for the bill Wednesday despite fierce resistance from Republican lawmakers.

GOP Sen. Amanda Chase called supporters of the legislation “traitors” and said the proposed law would embolden criminals and hurt law-abiding citizens.

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The Virginia Senate passed a bill earlier this week that would allow a person who changed their sex to have a new birth certificate issued.

This is something that the transgender community said will help eliminate problems experienced when their legal identification doesn’t match their transition.

Senate Bill 657 would allow a person to receive a new birth certificate to reflect a change of sex, without the requirement of surgery.

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — As people drink less dairy milk and some turn to plant-based alternatives such as oat, soy and almond milk, dairy farmers say they're struggling.

That’s why Virginia is the latest state to advance legislation restricting the use of the word milk for marketing purposes.

Del. Barry Knight, R-Virginia Beach, introduced House Bill 119, which defines milk as the lacteal secretion “obtained by the complete milking of a healthy hooved animal.”

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Gov. Larry Hogan is urging federal officials to allow more H-2B visas for foreign workers to help the state's $355 million seafood industry and seasonal employers.

The Republican governor made the request in a letter Tuesday to Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf and Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia.

Hogan also called for a long-term solution to provide certainty to rural parts of Maryland, particularly the Eastern Shore.

Come January 31st only an E-ZPass or cash will get you across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Traffic backups late last year produced cashless tolling during the peak travel times going into the weekend.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that drivers were sent a standard $4 bill in the mail.

But with less traffic during the winter months standard tolls will take effect 24/7.

Meanwhile, the Maryland Department of Transportation says it will begin removing some toll booths permanently closing lanes 3, 4 and 5 in the work zone creating wider lanes through the plaza.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) — Delaware lawmakers want to establish a state trust fund to coordinate and manage financial resources for clean water initiatives.

Democratic Gov. John Carney signaled his support Tuesday by announcing that he would propose $50 million in next year's capital budget for wastewater, stormwater, drainage and drinking water infrastructure.

Officials say the $50 million is in addition to $20 million for clean water programs in the current year's budget, and can be used to leverage federal funds.

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A Virginia Senate committee on Tuesday advanced measures that would ban offshore drilling as well hydraulic fracturing in much of eastern Virginia.

Similar versions of both measures have been proposed in previous years but died in what was then a Republican-controlled General Assembly.

The bills' sponsors said the measures would help protect Virginia's environment.

Fossil fuel industry lobbyists oppose the bills. The measures still must advance through the full Senate as well as the House.

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Tax season is set to kick off in Virginia. Beginning Monday, residents can file Virginia individual income tax returns.

In a news release, the state Department of Taxation reminded residents that due to changes in federal tax law, the Virginia standard deduction has increased to $4,500 for individuals and married couples filing separately, and $9,000 for married couples filing jointly.

Last year, more than 4.2 million people filed individual income tax returns in Virginia.

The department said 84% of those returns were filed electronically.

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The Army Corp of Engineers is meeting its schedule and budget goals with the dredging in the Wicomico River project.

WBOC reports that since dredging began in December the Corp has dredged some 22-thousand feet in the upper part of the Wicomico River.

And, there is only 6-thousand feet left.

The project manager told the television station that the Corp has removed around 62-thousand cubic yards.

The project is being carried out under a contract with Cottrell Contracting for a cost of $4.4 million.

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A measure in the Delaware legislature would penalize dog owners for leaving their pets out in the cold.

The state Senate bill would bar many owners from keeping their dogs unattended for more than 15 minutes if such weather would pose a risk to their health and safety.

WBOC reports that the first violation of the proposed law would be a $100 fine and could go up to $500 for repeat offenses.

Currently if there is a hazardous weather advisory dog are required to be brought inside.

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(AP) - A judge is holding a final case review in advance of the second trial of a former University of Delaware baseball player accused of sexually assaulting six women.

Wednesday's court hearing comes in advance of a scheduled Feb. 10 trial for Clay Conaway.

After being tried last year on a charge of first-degree rape, Conaway was sentenced to five years in prison after being convicted of the lesser charge of fourth-degree rape.

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COLLEGE PARK, Md. (AP) — Authorities say a hidden camera captured members of a violent white supremacist group expressing hope that violence at a gun rights rally in Virginia this week could start a civil war.

A federal prosecutor disclosed the existence of the video in a court filing Tuesday.

The prosecutor said former Canadian Armed Forces reservist Patrik Jordan Mathews also videotaped himself advocating for killing people, poisoning water supplies and derailing trains.

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RICHMOND, VA. (AP) --  A Richmond City Council panel has advanced a resolution that requests funding for a statue on the city's famed Monument Avenue that would honor African American troops who fought for the Union during the Civil War.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports the resolution also asks the city administration to develop a plan for erecting the statue that would memorialize 14 Medal of Honor recipients from a U.S. Colored Troops regiment of the Union Army.

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The Virginia Senate has advanced legislation that would allow authorities to take guns away from people deemed dangerous to themselves or others.

The Democratic-led Senate gave preliminary approval to approve the so-called “red flag” law. The move comes a day after tens of thousands of gun-rights activists rallied peacefully at the state Capitol.

The measure is set for a final vote in the Senate before going to the House.

Republicans blasted the bill as an assault on gun rights and civil liberties.

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — A West Virginia senator is inviting the National Rifle Association to move to his state as lawmakers pursue gun-control measures in neighboring Virginia, where the group now has its headquarters.

The invitation came in a Monday letter from Republican Sen. Randy Smith to NRA leadership.

It said his state allows residents to carry guns without permits and lawmakers there have pushed to allow firearms on college campuses.

The NRA did not immediately comment.