Corporate Support

Delmarva Public Radio's Corporate Support Staff (click for email)

Hannah Miller - Serving Maryland businesses

Fadwa Webster - Serving Delaware businesses 

Shirley Sexton - Traffic Coordinator and Business Office Manager

Mary Kramer - DPR Associate

An important contribution to quality radio is made by foundations, corporations and individuals who provide funds to underwrite the presentation of a program or series of programs broadcast on Delmarva Public Radio.

WSCL and WSDL offer Delmarva businesses a unique opportunity to support a widely valued community resource and introduce their products and services to an affluent, influential market.

WSCL serves 35,000 listeners in Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  This loyal audience treasures one of the last classical music radio services in the region.  WSDL, our public affairs station, is reaching a rapidly growing audience in lower Delaware and Wicomico and Worcester counties in Maryland with some of the most successful news and talk programs available anywhere.  That audience doubled in the first three months of WSDL's new format.

When your business underwrites on 89.5 or 90.7 FM, you reach growing audiences that recognize and appreciate the community support provided by underwriters.  There is no simpler way to reach these listeners, gain credibility, and influence buying habits than underwriting on Delmarva Public Radio.

Identify your business with the quality programs of Delmarva Public Radio.  You'll be helping an important community service and your business at the same time.

Underwriting singles you out
Underwriting on Delmarva Public Radio places you, your product or service in a unique position by clearly separating your name from the clutter inherent in commercial advertising. Just as you, the underwriter, supports Delmarva Public Radio's  loyal listeners will support you. 88% of NPR listeners say their opinion of a company is more positive when they discover the company supports public radio.

You can reach a specific target audience
Delmarva Public Radio  offers you the chance to contribute to one or more of our various funds, allowing you the freedom to select the programing that will most economically reach your segment of the market with the greatest potential. When asked to name companies that support NPR, 51% of listeners recall at least one.

Underwriting identifies your company as socially aware
An association with Delmarva Public Radio , with its long-standing reputation for social responsibility, identifies your company as a civic and community-minded organization with an interest in the public that goes beyond simply selling a product or service.