“With so many advertising options on Delmarva, it pays for a company to know the strengths each option offers.  We have found that Delmarva Public Radio helps us reach listeners who not only need our services, but who ask good questions because they are informed about the options we offer.”
 - Greer Stangl, Marketing Coordinator, Chesapeake Plumbing & Heating, Inc., Chesapeake Climate Control LLC, Chesapeake Fire Systems LLC 

"J. Conn Scott Furniture has been a supporter of WSCL at it's inception.   Public radio's listeners are our customers.  We've gotten thanks specifically for supporting NPR.  Delmarva Public Radio is the only source J. Conn Scott uses for radio as the programming on both stations, WSCL and WSDL, is top notch." 
- Robert C. Scott, J. Conn Scott, Inc.


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