MAC Center

Construction of a new senior center in Westover is set to begin next month finishing the renovations at the former elementary school.

Currently, it’s being used by several Somerset County agencies.

This week County Commissioners opened bids for the project with costs ranging from just over $1 million to $1.23 million.

The 74-hundred square-foot space will become a new MAC Center for seniors from Crisfield and Princess Anne.

Somerset County officials are hoping a new $1.3 million MAC center will be completed this winter that will provide an expanded space in Westover for senior citizens from Crisfield to Princess Anne.

The County Commissioners opened bids for the design work that ranged from $35-thosuand to $84-thousand for the 6-thousand-square-foot center…which will be located in a former elementary school building.

But the Salisbury Daily Times reports that it could be several weeks before a contract is awarded.