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Don Rush

DOVER, Del. (AP) - Nearly 700 people will be part of a class action lawsuit against a Delaware poultry processor over wastewater violations.

A partner at law firm Baird, Mandalas and Brockstedt, Chase Brockstedt, tells WBOC-TV the lawsuit against Mountaire Farms will be filed Wednesday.

Don Rush

The Environmental Protection Agency has agreed to put central Hockessin on its Superfund list after a toxic chemical plume was found under the streets of the city.

The plume is believed to be the likely source for the pollutant PCE found in the wells that supply drinking water for the area.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that state regulators stress that the water provided by the Artesian Resources Corporation is safe but they do not have the funds to rid the underground aquifer of the pollutant.

Don Rush

DOVER, Del. (AP) - The discovery of an obscure chemical in a public well near New Castle is prompting Delaware officials to propose new disclosure requirements.

The change would require utilities to tell customers about the detection of unregulated but potentially toxic drinking water contaminants.


SELBYVILLE, Del. (AP) - Delaware officials have removed two wells from a Sussex County town after tests revealed the presence of chemicals used as an additive in gasoline.

The Delaware Office of Drinking Water has installed two new wells in Selbyville. One of the two existing wells displayed chemical levels above the state-mandated limit, though it hadn't been used in nearly two years.

Town Administrator Robert Dickerson says one well is completely free of the chemicals, known as Methyl Teritary Butyl Ether. The other is well below the legal limit.