Sundays are for thinkers on WSDL 90.7 FM

Feb 8, 2018

Feed your garden, your body, your mind and your soul with WSDL 90.7 and our Sunday programming.

AT 6AM, listen to Living On Earth. Steve Curwood brings you stories about your changing ecology and what can be done about it.

You Bet Your Garden with Mike McGrath moves to 7AM. Join Mike as he slays slugs, defeats deer, whacks weeds, mispronounces Latin words and saves plants across the nation every week.

Sunday at 10AM on WSDL 90.7 FM

At 10AM, visit with Francis Lam, the new host of The Splendid Table. Its a show about food, culture, fun and more.

Next, at 11AM, great actors from stage and screen drop by to read short works of fiction, both classic and contemporary on Selected Shorts.

Sunday at 11AM

This American Life airs at noon on Sundays. Ira Glass brings you journalism based around stories. Each week is like a little movie for radio.

We are very pleased to be airing So, What's Your Story? at 1PM with local hosts Stephanie Fowler and Tony Russo. Each week, they interview local authors, celebrate their triumphs and share in their pains as they explore the craft of writing. That is followed by In Black America with John. L. Hanson.

At 2PM, listen to leading figures in the worlds of arts and ideas deliver compelling lectures from San Francisco on City Arts & Lectures.

Then, stay tuned for Latino USA at 3PM. Latino USA tells the stories often overlooked by mainstream media.

Finally, give your soul a lift and listen to The Thistle & Shamrock at 4PM.