Sickness Delays Return of Cruise Ship to Baltimore

Jan 12, 2018

Grandeur of the Seas Cruise Ship
Credit Royal Caribbean Cruises

BALTIMORE (AP) - Nearly 50 people have fallen sick on a cruise ship that departed from Baltimore last week, delaying its return.

Royal Caribbean Cruises spokesman Owen Torres told The Baltimore that the Grandeur of the Seas cruise ship was originally scheduled to set sail back to Baltimore on Thursday, but now won't until Saturday, following 46 reported cases of gastrointestinal illness on board.

The 2,900-passenger cruise left Baltimore on Jan. 2 for a nine-day trip with stops in South Carolina, Florida and the Bahamas.

Torres said the cause of the illness is unknown. The ship's doctors have treated those affected by the illness with over-the-counter medication. Torres said no new illnesses had been reported as of Thursday morning.

Last month, around 500 passengers on two separate Royal Caribbean Cruises also fell sick.