New Year, New Programming on DPR

Dec 14, 2016

With the New Year in 2017 comes some new additions to the DPR airwaves.

First, say farewell to the retiring Diane Rehm and be sure not to miss her final on-air broadcast December 23rd. Replacing her is a new host with a brand new program called 1A.  Launching on January 2nd and hosted by Joshua Johnson, 1A aspires to be the most important daily conversation about the issues of our time. The show will take a deep and unflinching look at America, bringing context and insight to stories unfolding across the country and the world. 1A will explore important issues such as policy, politics, and technology, while also delving into lighter subjects such as pop culture, sports and humor.

1A will air Monday-Friday 10 to noon on 90.7 WSDL. 

Next, Lynne Rosetto Kasper and The Splendid Table, return to our airwaves Saturday, January 7th .   The "the radio program for people who love to eat" is the perfect program to enjoy on a Saturday, perhaps as you plan for that special dinner party.

The Splendid Table airs Saturdays at 11AM on 90.7 WSDL. 

We are also very pleased to announce another locally produced program, "So What's Your Story?" Two local authors, Stephanie Fowler and Tony Russo, sit down and talk with other writers about their work, the story behind the story, the writing process and other writerly topics.  Also a podcast, you can listen to past episodes of "So, What's Your Story?" here.

"So, What's Your Story?" Airs Saturdays at 1PM, following "This American Life" at noon on 90.7 WSDL.

Following "So What's Your Story" at 1:30 on Saturdays  is another locally produced program, "One on One with Greg Bassett". Produced by Public Access Channel 14, "One on One" brings the notable  people who make our area special before Greg Bassett, local journalist  and editor of the Salisbury Independent.

"One on One With Greg Basset" airs Saturdays at 1:30 on 90.7, WSDL.