MD Bill Would Kill Wind Turbine Project in Somerset County

Mar 18, 2014


The Maryland legislature is one step closer to block a wind turbine project in Somerset County.

The House of Delegate voted overwhelmingly to impose height restriction on wind turbines at varying distances from the Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Southern Maryland.

It now moves to the state Senate.

What’s called the Great Bay wind project in Somerset County would be prohibited from being taller than a few hundred feet.

Adam Cohen, vice president and founder of Pioneer Green Energy, told the Salisbury Daily Times that while the measure would delay the project for around 13 months for a study to be completed it would essentially kill the project.

He told the paper that his company had reached an agreement with the Navy to safeguard it base.

But he lamented that this measure that would kill the project would deprive the poorest county of the state of a $200 million investment.