GOP Lawmakers Raise Questions of Favoritism

Feb 17, 2017

Patricia Blevins
Credit official photo

Two top Delaware Republican legislative leaders are demanding to know how a former high ranking state senator got the job of heading the Office of Animal Welfare.

The demand revolves around former Senate Pro Tem Patricia Blevins who lost her seat in the November election.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that she headed the taskforce that led to the creation of the job she now holds.

Senate Minority Leader Gary Simpson and Senate Minority Whip Greg Lavelle have written to the Health and Social Services Secretary Kara Walker demanding an answer.

The News Journal reports that Blevins declined an interview while Walker put out a statement that said she was confident that Blevins had the experience and qualification for the position.

The paper reports that Public health Director Karyl Rattay who was responsible for hiring Blevins had dismissed allegations of favoritism in a previous interview.