Delmarva Today 01/06/2017

Jan 6, 2017

L-R: J.D. Wilkins, James Dufendach, Don Rush, Matthew Shockley, Josh Shockley, Brad Hudson

Comic books and graphic novels are big business. After the decline of the 1990's, they are making a comeback and are not just produced by national brand names like DC or Marvel.  There are local independents who have been helped by the coming of the internet.

In the second half, Chris Beakey, local author of Fatal Option, sits down to talk about his work. 

Guests: Brad Hudson- and artist and instructor at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore

James Dufendach, script and copy editor with PLB Comics

Matthew Shockley, co-founder of PLB Comics

Josh Shockley, writer and contributing artist with PLB Comics

PLB Comics website

J.D. Wilkins, owner of Phoenix Rising Games and Comics

Chris Beakey, author of Fatal Option