Correctional Officers Union Issues New Demands

Mar 15, 2017

Credit Correctional Officers Association of Delaware

The correctional officers union in Delaware has issued a set of demand as it begins contract negotiations.

The union wants an end to the agreement between the Department of Correction and the American Civil Liberties Union that it says led to the death of Officer Steven Floyd during inmate upraising at the Vaughn Correctional Center.  

WBOC reports that the union said that mental health requirements led to dangerous inmates being placed in lower security facilities.

The ACLU has denied that claim saying that it is inaccurate to say that inmates were moved to make room for mental health inmates.

Other demands range from a complete overhaul of all facilities and having no fewer than two officers in area with inmates to stun guns and working radios.

Financial demands covered double time, monthly paid training days and conus incentives.

The labor contract expires in June of next year.