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This week, we hear from an exciting mix of Latin, Spanish, Sephardic, Balkan, and classical sounds from Chicago- based Fandango! How much fun an a flute, viloin, guitar and cello have? Find out this wednesday evening at 7PM on WSCL 89.5 FM.

In the first half of today's program. Gretchen Hanson gets recation to the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

In the second half, we look at a fiction book, Hope Never Dies, which pairs Barack Obama and Joe Biden for a fun high stakes thriller. 


Anisha Singh, with the Center for American Progress

Tom Jipping, Deputy Director of the Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies

Martin Kubica

Join us this Wednesday evening at 7Pm for a performance from the magnificent Smetana Trio, one of Czechoslovakia's premire chamber music ensembles.  Shostakovich,  Mendelssohn and more, this week on Delmarva in Performance.

We hope you will join us for Delmarva Public Radio's Downtown Clean-Up! You are invited to "Clean-Up" Downtown Salisbury to help beautify our community in preparation for the National Folk Festival! Join us on August 25th from 8am to Noon. All are invited to enjoy light refreshments after the clean-up provided by Roadie Joe's Bar and Grill!

DPR now on Apple Music

Jul 9, 2018

If you have an Apple iPhone or an Apple HomePod, you now have another way to conveniently connect with Delmarva Public Radio.

Just say "Hey Siri, play the station WSCL". to listen to classical music programming on WSCL, 89.5 or say, "Hey Siri, play the station WSDL" to hear the folk and electic music programming on WSCL, 90.7.

Greg Bassett with the Salisbury Independent stops by to share his insights to the coming match ups in the coming November elections.

Thursdays at 7PM on WSCL 89.5 FM


Broadcast Schedule — Summer 2018

PROGRAM #:          LAP 18-01

RELEASE:                            June 26, 2018

CONDUCTOR:          Gustavo Dudamel

SOLOISTS:                Martin Fröst, clarinet

Jessica Pratt, coloratura

Julia Bullock, soprano

Paul Appleby, tenor

Elliot Madore, baritone

Vanessa Briceño-Scherzer

Hear an exciting mix of Latin American, Classical and Romatic music on the next Delmarva In Performance featuring the Dali Quartet.  It may be July 4th, but we have the fireworks for you this Wednesday at 7 on WSCL 89.5 FM

Angela Byrd

It’s summer and we’re talking about the beach today; the sand, the sun, the warmth that draws us by the thousands to the edge of the sea. For those who live along the edge of the ocean, and even for those who visit for a short period of time a way of life develops that is more relaxed, open, and even accepting. There is a tactile sense—a feel of touching, being more like one with the rawness of nature. We could say there is something we might call beach life. Host Harold Wilson’s guest on today’s Delmarva Today: Writer’s Edition is Nancy Sakaduski.

Wednesday evening at 7PM on WSCL 89.5 FM.

This week on Delmarva In Performance, we continue our  series of concerts presented by Coastal Concerts with the Akropolis  Quintet .  This fun  and innovative group will bring you contemporary works and a setting of Gershwin's "An American In Paris".

Sunday, May 24th at 8PM on WSCL 89.5 FM

“Caesar's Tomb” written by Harold O. Wilson is adapted from a short story by the same name.

National Folk Festival

On the first half of today's program, Lora Bottinelli and Juila Olin tell us all about the Folklife Area and Stage coming to the National Folk Festival in Salisbury, Maryland September 7-9th, 2018.

In the second half, Gretchen Hanson gets answers regarding immigration to the United States and recent policy from the Trump Administration.


Wednesday evening at 7PM on WSCL 89.5 FM.

This week on Delmarva In Performance, we begin our exciting series of concerts presented by Coastal Concerts with the piano four-hands duet, ZoFo .  You'll hear works by Debussy and a piano transcription of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring.

creative commons

On today's program, guest host Gretchen Hanson explores the prevelance of drug abuse and addiction in the resturant industry.


Patrick DeBow, Director of Peer Recovery Services  FHR-Fellowship Health Resources  

Matthew Krull, former bartender

Valeris Hesse, Chef in the New Orleans area

Wednesday evening at 7PM on 89.5 WSCL

On the next Delmarva In Performance, we bring you two different performances. In the first hour, we'll listen to selections from Sheridan Seyfried's "Celtic to Classical" concert recorded at Epworth UMC. In the second hour, we'll hear Johanes Brahams "German Requiem" featuring the Salisbury and University Chorales recorded in Holloway Hall on the Campus of Salisbury University.

It's been 50 years since the assassination of  Robert F. Kennedy. We take a look back at the event.

In the second half, Don Rush continues his series of interviews with Democratic candidates vying to unseat Andy Harris in Marlyand's 1st Congressional District. This round, we welcome Jesse Colvin.


Michael O'Loughlin, Salisbury University Political Science Professor

Jesse Colvin , running for Congress in Maryland's 1st Congressional District

Wednesday evening at 7PM on 89.5 WSCL

Join us this Wednesday evening for the next edition of Delmarva in Performance. Our featured performer is concert organist Weston Jennings, who came to Christ Church Easton in September of 2017 as part of the Christ Church Easton Concert Series.  Fans of the pipe organ program, Pipedreams (Sunday evenings at 6PM) will not want to miss this one!

Maryland News Connection

Gretchen Hanson fills in for Don Rush on today's program to discuss  the Farm Bill of 2018, its impact on the SNAP, and the enduring social stigma of the food stamp program.

In the second half, Don Rush continues his series of interviews with Democratic candidates vying to unseat Andy Harris in Marlyand's 1st Congressional District. This round, we welcome Allison Galbraith.


Tina Maria Lopez, Administrator of Training for Union County Division of Social Services in Union County, New Jersey.

Delmarva In Performance Program Schedule, 2018

Delmarva in Performance airs Wednesday 7-9PM on WSCL 89.5 FM

Note: Performances are subject to change. Please visit for full details

May 30th Chesapeake Chamber Music “Around the World”

June 6th Weston Jennings Organ Recital from Christ Church, Easton

June 13th Sheraton Seyfried “Celtic to Classical” concert from Epworth UMC, Rehoboth

Wednesday, May 30th  at 7 PM on WSCL 89.5 FM

The 2018 Season of the Chesapeake Chamber Music Festival  begins June 5th. 

For our first Delmarva In Performace of this year, we'll bring you highlights of a CCM concert, "Around the World,  from 2017.  Our featured performers are Violinist Chatherine Cho, cellist Marcy Rosen and pianist Robert McDonald.  Don Buxton, Chesapeake Chamber Music Director, we'll also be there to give us a preview of the 2018 Chesapeake Chamber Music Festival.

Angela Byrd

Harold Wilson’s guests on today’s Delmarva Today: Writer’s Edition focus on children’s literature and features the June 16 Chesapeake Children’s Book Festival in Easton, MD.  Host Harold Wilson’s guests are Tim Young, organizer of the festival and author of more than ten children’s books, and Laura Powell, Children/Young Adult Services Librarian at the library.  In addition four young people from the Salisbury area will  read their favorite books.

Audio from WSDL 90.7's special Bob Dylan 77th Birthday Tribute...

The 7th Annual Bob Dylan Birthday Tribute, hosted by Nate Clendenen is May 23rd at 7:30PM in the Stoltz Listening Room of the Avalon Theatre

Guests: Nate Clendenen, musician

KT Tuminello, host of Delmarva Groove

creative commons

In the first half of today's program, we look at the growth of farmer's markets on the Eastern Shore.

In the second half, we take a deeper look at the recent events in North Korea.


Bob Miller, owner and operator of Nice Farms Creamery in Federalsburg

Lynda Blades, owner and grower of Blades Orchard and Faulkner Brand Cidery

Lisa Garfield, owner of Calliope Farms in Salisbury

Gretchen Hanson, Chef, blogger and freelance writer

Tauhyun Nam, Associate Professor with the Political Science Department at Salisbury University

Delmarva Public Radio is pleased to announce the return of Delmarva in Performance, the locally produced program that brings the Delmarva stage to you. Our series returns May 30th at 7PM on WSCL 89.5 FM.

This year, we will hear concerts from the Coastal Concerts 2017-2018 season, the 2017 Chesapeake Chamber Music Festival, special cultural events presented by Salisbury University and much, much more.

Stay tuned for a complete schedule.

Salisbury University Website

Salisbury University's Cultural Calendar week of May 21st, 2018

Dr. Charles Wight Introduction Ceremony at Salisbury University. Video courtesy of PAC14.

In the first half of todays program, we sit down with Michael Pullen, who is vying with other  Democratic candidates to unseat Andy Harris in Marlyand's 1st Congressional District.

In the second half, learn the ABC'S of Berlin with author Joanne Guilfoil.

Guests: Michael Pullen, running for Congress in Maryland's 1st Congressional District

Joanne Guilfoil, author of Berlin, Maryland ABCs

Saturday, May 12th at 3PM on WSCL 89.5 FM

The National Folk Festival announced its third set of artists that will grace Salisbury in September. We'll take a look and listen to these artists.

In the second half, we look at how dogs can help veterans with post traumatic stress disorder.


Caroline O'Hare, local manager of the National Folk Festival

Salisbury University website

Salisbury University's Cultural Calendar week of May 7th, 2018