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Delmarva Today 08-17-18

Aug 17, 2018

Don Rush sits down with Jim Mathias , candidate for Maryland's  State Senate.  In the second half, meet Jerome Segal, who is working to establish the Bread and Roses Pary in Maryland.

Guests: Jim Mathias

Jerome Segal

Join us  next  week for some special programming celebrating the life and legacy of Leonard Bernstein.

To begin, we have  a special week of "Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin" episodes, celebrating Leonard Bernstein's 100th birthday (August 25)

A look back at the White nationalist rally one year ago in Charlottesville, Virginia and a new book all about the  travels Harriet Tubman took on Delmarva.

Guests: Kirkland Hall former President of the local NAACP branch, now running as a Democrat for the Delegate seat in Maryland's District 38a.

Michelle Ennis, with Tri-Community Mediation in Salisbury

Jim Duffy, authour of Tubman Travels.

On the next Delmarva In Performance, a recording made right here on the Campus of Salisbury University of the Allegheny Trio performing works by Schuman, Schubert and Beethoven. Join us this Wednesday evening at 7 on WSCL 89.5 FM.

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Don Rush sits down with Mary Beth Carozza (R-38C), candidate for Maryland's  State Senate.

Guest- Mary Beth Carozza, candidate for Maryland State Senate

Wednesday Evening at 7 on WSCL, 89.5FM

In anticipation of the 2018 Chamber Music By the Sea Festival (August 14-19th), we bring you performances from the 2017 season with Violinist Elena Urioste and friends on the next Delmarva In Performance. Hear thrilling works by Dvorak, Suk and some American standards as well, plus a special interview with Elena Urioste.

Chamber Music By The Sea

Hal Wilsons speaks with John Reisinger about his book, "The Secrets Behing The Structures"

John Reisinger’s book is about what he calls the back stories behind some of the world’s greatest structures. “Structures have back stories,…sometimes stretching over  centuries and involving wars, intrigues, disasters, and bizarre characters. From the Cathedral at Chartres to the Great Wall of China, the world is full of beautiful and impressive structures with an inside story that few know about.”

Evan Monroe Chapman 2016

Our series of performances recorded at Coastal Concerts concludes with their exiciting "Wild Card" concert featuring So Percussion.  How does one describe So Percussion? You'll have to hear it to believe it.  This Wednesday at 7PM on WSCL 89.5 FM.

In the first half of today's program, Gretchen Hanson continues her conversation with Allen Orr regarding the reunification of immigrant families at the southern border.

In the second half, Don Rush sits down with Joanne Guilfoil to discuess her book, "Flying Over Delmarva"

Guests: Allen Orr, Esq. founder of Orr Immigration Law Firm P.C.

Joanne Guilfoil, author of Flying Over Delmarva.

This week, we hear from an exciting mix of Latin, Spanish, Sephardic, Balkan, and classical sounds from Chicago- based Fandango! How much fun an a flute, viloin, guitar and cello have? Find out this wednesday evening at 7PM on WSCL 89.5 FM.